I recently received two texts. The first text was a link to article about how much golf Donald Trump has played during his presidency. The second was a link to an article about Nancy Pelosi getting her hair done in a closed salon in San Francisco. My response to both of these was the same: Why should I care about this?

This led to me to think about the ten things I care about right now (not in order of importance).
1. The health and safety of my family, friends, clients, and employees along with all their families.
2. The 185,000 people who have died of COVID-19 (so far) which is equal to six times the population of Falmouth.
3. My kids being able to afford a house in the town they grew up in as real estate prices spiral out of control.
4. The estimated 50% of independent restaurants that are going to go out of business and how many of our local small businesses won’t make it through the winter.
5. Being able to hire qualified, hard-working people for my business.
6. Racism in America especially since I have two biracial children.
7. Violence against all people (black, white and blue).
8. Ignoring scientific data because it doesn’t agree with your point of view.
9. The increasing use of phrases like “Some people say” when you are trying to turn an opinion into a fact.
10. Social unrest, a potential contested Presidential election and the national debt.

So I really don’t care about who is hitting a golf ball or getting a cut/blow-dry. We’ve all got bigger things to worry about.